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“Life….it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

A quote by William Shakespeare (whoever that is), and perhaps, this show’s motto.

McNeil Lehrer.  Huntley Brinkley.  Scott Todd.  Sacco Venzetti.

All hilariously funny teams from the annuls of American societal commentary.

The idiots of Musings of Idiots will never be included in the conversation with the above, nor do they aspire to be.

Just two simpletons commenting on this crazy world we call home…..for now, but more on interplanetary travel later.

We hope you will enjoy whiling away some of your idle time listing to Musings of Idiots.

If nothing else, you’ll feel much smarter having listened.  Not due to content, but by mere comparison.

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Good Luck and God Speed,

Billie Quiverlance (Mrs.)

Producer, Engineer, Exotic Trapeze Performer